How to Change Shopify Store Name?

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What is Shopify?

Shopify is known as one of the best eCommerce tools for entrepreneurs in the market. The company has risen to be the favorite of millions of sellers and buyers online. Shopify’s blogs, platform and unlimited options for drop shippers or retailers are to blamed of the company’s success.

However, Shopify customer service is not one of the best in the market. Over the last few months, the internet has been filled with complaints of customers who apparently cannot reach to contact the customer support center of Shopify.

One of the biggest concerns of Shopify users is to understand how to change Shopify Store Nname. The name of your store is the most visible part of your brand and you should be able to change it easily. However, how can we change the name of the Shopify store?

Renaming your Shopify Store

Sadly, there is no way to change your Shopify Store name. if you wish to change your Shopify store name, you will have to create a new Shopify Store. To do this, make sure you create a backup and duplicate the content of your current store!

If you decide to start selling products on Shopify, you must know that once the account has been created, you will not be able to change the Shopify URL anymore.

A simple solution for this problem would be to acquire a new Domain Name for $13 a year so you can redirect your URL. Redirections may affect your SEO in the short term, but in a few weeks Google will understand the change and will bring back all the juice to your new domain.

In summary, think twice before creating your Shopify account since you will not be able to change the name of the store once that is confirmed. However, you can buy a new domain and redirect all your content to your new domain name.

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