Delete Evernote Account: How to proceed?

evernote account

Evernote has grown to be one of the most popular effectiveness-managing softwares amongst entrepreneurs and freelancers. Evernote is a fantastic tool to coordinate projects and keep a good track of your daily or weekly work. Furthermore, it’s free!

However, over the last few years, netizens have been worrying about privacy and internet tracking. Imagine you have been working with Evernote for a few years and you have been keeping track of all your business there? What is the guarantee that your information will not be stolen and used by a third party?

How to delete your Evernote account?

Evernote free version has one big inefficiency: you cannot contact customer support. So, how can you delete your Evernote account and erase your history with this software?

Guide to delete your Evernote account:

First, make sure you cancel your subscription, if you happen to have one. If you are a free registered user, please go to the next step.

Second, export all the information from the software so you can keep and save it somewhere else. Years of work do not necessarily have to be lost and wasted! Download them and keep them on your hard drive.

Third, delete your notes from Evernote so no one can spy on you or get your information ever again in the future.

Finally, deactivate your account. To do so, go to account settings and ask for the deactivation of your account. However, this will note erase your username nor information. To do so, you will have to submit a ticket to request the complete removal of your account and private information.

Take into account that it may take a while for Evernote to check your ticket. However, you can now be sure your information and privacy are secured!

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