Facebook Like VS Follow

difference like vs follow

What is the difference between like and follow on Facebook?

You are probably a Facebook user yourself, but you are still wondering what exactly means to follow someone? What is the difference between liking a Facebook Page and following it? Are these two actions connected somehow?

To begin with, you need to know that Facebook differentiates between Facebook Profiles and Facebook Pages. Normally, Facebook Profiles refer to individuals who create their Facebook Profile for the first time. They include all the information about this person or individual. On the other hand, Facebook Pages are normally created for online stores, companies, organizations, brands or entertainment purposes. It is very important to note that you need to have a Facebook Profile in order to create a Facebook Page. Therefore, every Facebook Page must be linked to a Facebook Profile.

The main difference between Facebook likes and follows is that you cannot Like a profile. The Like feature is only available for Facebook Pages. By clicking Like on a Facebook Page, you express your support to the brand, company or organization. This action will also be shown to your friends and Facebook contacts.

On the other hand, following a Facebook Page means that you will receive most of the Facebook Page updates in your newsfeed or wall. Both Facebook Pages and Facebook Profiles can upload images, videos or content, that will be displayed into the newsfeed of any person that is following them.

Like but don’t Follow on Facebook

By default, Facebook will assume that every time you Like a Facebook Page you also wish to Follow it. However, this feature can be undone. If you want to Like a Facebook Page but you do not want to receive their news or images in your Newsfeed, you can just stop Following them.

This feature can also be applied to Facebook Profiles. Although you cannot Like a Facebook Profile, you can however Add a Facebook Profile. At the same time, you can also choose to stop following one of your friends.

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