Keyword Research: Long-Tail Keywords for Free

Looking for a free tool to research long-tail keywords for your business? If you have landed in this page, you probably are aware of this tool Keyword Shitter become very popular few months back after some SEO specialists discovered that there were huge synergies between Keyword Shitter and Keywords Everywhere.


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What is a Keyword?

A keyword is a word that internet users refer to find a certain product, feeling, question or items or any kind. An example of keyword can be as short as “keyboard”, or maybe a little big longer and more specific, like “gaming bluetooth keyboard with led lights”.

In other words, keywords are expressions that people use to refer to things. Keywords and expressions might vary depending on the country, so if we decide to start a research on keywords, it is very important that first we decide our audience.

Furthermore, keywords can be divided into two different types: related keywords and long-tail keywords.

What is a Related Keyword?

A related keyword is a relevant expression or keyword that is somehow related to our main keyword or root keyword. Google understands that people searching for the main keyword might also be interested in this related keyword.

For example, people searching for “keyboards” might be interested in “gaming keyboards” or “bluetooth keyboards”, or even “mouse”. Google’s algorithm intends to create a word cloud of related words for each root keyword.

The more related keywords one article has, the more likely will it be of interest to the audience, and, therefore, the more relevance this article may have for Google.

What is a Long-Tail Keyword?

Long-tail keywords are the most precise for of keyword there is. Long-tail keywords are expressions that contain 3 or more words. Usually, people looking for these long-tail keywords are very aware of what they are looking for, so if we want to target to this audience, we should try to keep our articles or text as clean as possible.

For example, people searching for “cheap gaming keyboards with led lights” will be not interested in mouses, mouse pads, or wired keyboards. The longer a keyword is, the more specific the content must be.

Furthermore, long-tail keywords tend to have much less competition in the SERPs. There is not too much people working with long-tail keywords, so there are still thousands of opportunities to rank higher for certain long-tail keywords.

Finally, conversion rate for these keywords is usually much higher than normal keywords. The user that is using this long expression knows exactly what he or she is looking for. This person will probably buy the article one he or she has found it. However, long articles about long-tail keywords will not be considered by Google.


Short Keywords – Long articles

Long-tail Keywords – Short articles

White Hat SEO Tactics Long Tail Keywords

How can I research Long Tail Keywords?

There are many tools for you to know the monthly searches of any keyword. The most popular is Google Keyword Planner, a free tool from Google. However, Google Keyword Planner will not retrieve a very precise amount of monthly searches for your keyword.

If you want to use more advanced and precise tools to discover keywords, you shall have to get an account of ahrefs, Semrush or any other SEO software.

However, we have found out recently that there is another way to discover long-tail keywords and their monthly searches. Plus, this method is completely free!

What is Keyword Shitter?

Keyword Shitter is a free online tool that will let you discover THOUSAND of keywords online. Just type in the main keyword you want to research and the system will automatically retrieve thousands of words. Technically, the tool will “shit” tons of keywords, ranking depending on the amount of monthly searches.

However, Keyword Shitter will not show the number of searches each keyword has. Plus, this system retrieves global information. If you are aiming for small countries or different languages, this tool might not be very precise. In any case, you will find it very useful to discover new keywords and expressions.

What is Keywords Everywhere?

Keywords Everywhere is a plugin for Google Chrome that will display the monthly searches and CPC of every keyword we find online. The best part of this free addon for Chrome is that you can install an API that is compatible with other websites like Google Keyword Planner or Keyword Shitter.

With these free tols to research keywords, there are no more excuses! Open your browser and start researching your niche or your articles. Start writing and ranking on the SERPS!

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