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Engagement Campaigns for Mobile Marketing

You have recently developed a wonderful mobile app that you believe that is going to change the life of your users. Or maybe you want to release a new feature in the mobile app of your online store and you want everyone to know. However, you keep spending money on advertising campaigns and you are getting very few visitors an interactions. In other words, the mobile app engagement of your campaign is very low.

To begin with, we should discuss what exactly is engagement. Are you familiar with this marketing term?

What does engagement means?

Engagement can also be referred as participation or interaction. This is a marketing strategy aimed to make your customers or consumers to interact with your product, brand or campaigns. User interaction is very important when trying to develop a relationship with the client. When a company or a product achieves to interact with its customers, there is a higher chance to build their loyalty to the brand.

What are mobile app engagement campaigns?


Mobile app engagement campaigns can be used to re-engage people who’ve download an app


Mobile app engagement campaigns will help you to build loyalty with your customers. Engagement is only applied to people that have already had an interaction with your product or brand. In other words, these users have already downloaded your app or made purchases through it. However, you want them to be loyal to your app, you want them to keep using your app and let your product to be part of their life.

Mobile app engagement campaigns are aimed to determine the level of interaction one campaign or advertisement has with the audience. Therefore, engagement is in here measured as conversion. The more users you get to involve in your campaign, the higher will be your conversion rate.

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