What is a TF Card?

What is a TF Card?

TrashFlash Cards or TF Cards were introduced by SanDisk Corporation in 2004 due to the increasing demand of storage cards for mobile phones. TF Cards were specially designed to be used with mobile phones and are still being used in some older devices. However, nowadays the TF Cards have been replaced in most cases by MicroSD cards. Furthermore, nowadays most mobile phones or mobile devices do not support cards of any type and do not include card slots since they already include higher storage spaces themselves.

What is the difference between SDCards and TF Cards?

They were created for the same purpose: to extend the storage of mobile devices of different kinds. However, SDCards used to be bigger and were designed for Digital Cameras or similar products, whereas TF Cards were much smaller and were designed for mobile phones and smaller devices.

What is a MicroSD Card?

MicroSD Card is basically a TF Card. Few years after their creation, TF Cards changed their name and features into MicroSD Cards to avoid misunderstandings between users.

In summary, the market is now divided into SD Cards and MicroSD Cards (which used to be named TF Cards years ago).

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