What is Blind Shipping?

what is blind shipping

What is Blind Shipping?

If you are familiar with drop shipping business models, you can probably guess what Blind Shipping is. However, for those who are not very familiar with drop shipping, let us make a brief introduction of this revolutionary business model.

What is Drop Shipping?

Briefly, drop shipping is a business model where the retailer is able to sell products without having stock and requesting the manufacturer (the drop shipper) to deliver the products bought by the final customer. The cooperation between the retailer and the manufacturer is called “drop shipping” and it is a win-win relationship for both. On the one side, the retailer gets to have thousands of products with zero stock risk. On the other side, the drop shipper gets to increase its sales channels without having to go through promotion or marking strategies

Ok, I know what drop shipping is. Now, what is Blind Shipping?

Blind shipping is another way people are using to refer to drop shipping. As the blind shipping name indicates itself, in this shipping method, the final customer will never know who really delivered the product. He is therefore blinded to the strategy.

Imagine you get on this website to buy a Chinese mobile phone. You like the website, you like the price and then you place your order. Plus, they give you a 2-years warranty. After a couple of weeks, you receive the phone in your house and it works perfectly. The transaction has been completed and satisfactory. You are happy. The retailer is happy. The drop shipper is happy. Exactly.

Although you may think that the website where you placed your order is the one making the delivery, in many cases it is actually the drop shipper or the manufacturer sending you the product from their warehouses.

Therefore, drop shipping is usually referred as Blind Shipping too, since for the customer is impossible to know who is actually making the delivery of his or her products.

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